Susan Napack is an artist, designer and jewelry maker who is lucky enough to have been recently transplanted from the suburbs of New York City to Oregon’s gorgeous Willamette Valley.


Susan’s work springs from a fascination with the mysteries of the natural world which she explores, mostly in the abstract, using materials and processes that range from found objects, to drawing, to digital printing, to stitchery —sometimes, all at once.

Early on, even as a painter, photography opened the door to abstraction, with the camera’s ability to isolate geometry, texture, and natural forms. It remains a favorite tool and is the foundation for much of her work.

From early childhood, Susan has been a collector and organizer of objects. Wishbones & orange peels still make their way into her Cabinet of Curiosity inspired installations.

Often the results of her practice are a surprise to her and inspire further exploration. They feed the “mother” culture (like starter for sourdough or kombucha) to ferment what comes next in an ever-evolving continuum.


Susan worked for over 25 years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in the Consumer Marketing and Promotions Department at Time Inc., the once legendary magazine company,

She continues to use her design skills and expertise to offer branding and marketing services.


Lamp-worked glass disks and spiral “ringlets” form the basis for a line of Napack Studio jewelry. Also part of the line are Susan’s husband Michael’s hammered copper earrings and pendants.

Susan’s art and jewelry can be seen at Studios at The Mill quarterly Open Studios.

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