"The work of Susan Napack delves into the realm of the deeply personal and the visually entrancing, revealing both an archivist’s mania for order in a chaotic world and her fascination with the infinite possibilities of seeing. At times, her use of collage calls to mind the enigmatic assemblages of Joseph Cornell but without the surrealist overtones; Napack’s evocation of nostalgia is subtle and further complicated by the layering of images and tenses. Nearly every object and every work undergoes an interpretation, often through a reprographic medium, only to be re-shot or scanned or imaged and cast again in yet another new form. We begin to wonder which came first: the hand or the glove, the wishbone or the wish, her grandmother’s pink nightdress or a legacy. Process and concept are inseparable as she plays with her objects, her ideas, her past work, and her past, all the while asking herself: what if?"

"In Morna’s Moods, Napack reclaims the glove (like she does with wishbones) from the domain of fetish and symbolism. The full, exuded shapes recall the artist’s early affinity for Eva Hesse’s anthropomorphic forms; in Napack’s visual vocabulary these foamy, fingered outpourings revel in eccentricity and decay."

"In Dream of Life, the story converges in a half-wistful, half-celebratory photo montage whose juxtaposition of both recognizable and mysterious images tells a universal tale of human impulse and the weightiness of being female."

Laura Cincotta, artist, writer

"Mandala Trio" Industrial lamp shades, mixed media including foam, latex, cast resin. 20" each